Police are looking for a group of five people believed to have been selling fake gold in Chippenham last week.

The men and women, described as Eastern European, were trying to sell rings to a member of public outside Ivy Lane Primary School on Tuesday, May 13.

They were also recorded on CCTV in the High Street just before 9am that day.

Chippenham neighbourhood policing team sergeant Phil Connor said: “We have clear footage of a female handing an item to an elderly gentleman, who examines it and then tries to hand back what we believe to be fake gold.

"She appears reluctant to take it back and we believe she is trying to demand money from him.”

Police said cameras also caught the same suspects lifting bags from outside charity shops before they left town. They were last seen in Melksham.

Sgt Connor said: “If anyone approaches you in the street trying to sell you jewellery, do not engage in conversation with them. You should call police or trading standards immediately and try to get a detailed description of them and any vehicle with them.

“I would ask people also to warn their elderly relatives because it has been known for purses to be taken while people are distracted.”

Town centre beat manager John Brixey said: “If somebody offers you a deal that’s too good to be true, that is exactly what it is.”

Anyone with information of their whereabouts is asked to call Chippenham Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.