Scores of sports enthusiasts and community groups enjoyed the sunshine at Malmesbury Youth Club’s 25th anniversary event at the weekend.

An estimated 250 people tried their hand at a variety of community sports, from tennis and rounders to basketball and football, on the Red Bull football pitches on Saturday.

Co-organiser Steve Coleman, a coach and volunteer at the youth club said: “It was a true success, really. Everybody just had a good time and there was all sorts going on.”

The event, including a raffle of about 25 prizes, helped generate £600 for the club, although Mr Coleman said that was not the aim behind the community day.

The money will be used to benefit club members with new equipment.

He said: “I received an email from the tennis club this morning who had a Great British tennis festival afterwards and they had 75 people turn up. Every group involved, whether they were raising money or getting new members had success.”