Young cancer survivor Joshua Flynn, who last year was unable to get out of bed, has joined his classmates in a physical activity challenge that has raised more than £2,500 for charity.

Joshua Flynn, a pupil at Charter Primary School in Chippenham, was three when he was diagnosed with a malignant kidney tumour.

Now five, his latest scan was clear and he returned to school full-time in January.

His recovery, which involved nearly six months in hospital having chemotherapy, inspired his school to take part in the Cheeky Monkey Marathon Challenge for Children with Cancer UK.

Charter School has only 209 children, but families have been so touched by Joshua’s ordeal they donated £2,564 in sponsorship money.

Every pupil took part in the challenge, which involved activities based on the number 26, the total of miles in a marathon. Joshua was able to join his reception classmates doing 26 shuttle runs.

Mum Sophie Flynn, 33, of London Road, said: “A year ago he was completely bed-ridden and could barely even sit up unsupported. Now he runs around in the playground like a maniac.”

She said Joshua almost missed out on taking part because he was poorly.

She said: “He gets a painful tummy where he had radiotherapy and almost had to go to hospital.

“He was determined he wanted to take part; he saw all his family fundraise on his behalf and he wanted to do his bit.”

Other classes devoted 26 minutes to skipping, running, dancing, being silent, or performing 26 songs.

Reception teacher Rachel Griffiths said: “Joshua is a pleasure to have in the classroom. He never moans, he always has a smile on his face.”