Villagers turned out in force to show their opposition to plans for a wind turbine at Thoulstone Farm last week.

More than 60 people went along to a meeting of Chapmanslade Parish Council last Thursday and the majority voiced opposition to plans for the 87 metre turbine on Thoulstone Farm.

Council chairman Cllr Phil Jefferson said: “The people who have approached us have said loud and clear that they do not want the wind turbine and we have a responsibility to represent the views of the community at the appropriate time.”

He also reported that the council had received about 40 emails, most of which were in opposition to the plans.

Opponent Mary Medhurst, from Chapmanslade, attended the council meeting.

She said: “The turbine will be seen from Chapmanslade.

“Once one of these massive machines goes up, others are only too likely to follow.

“It was revealed at the meeting that the same developers have bought two plots of land of the same circular diameter on the farm.

“If they are planning two turbines we should be told.”

Steve Hack from the applicants Seren Energy, a Swansea company that specialises in renewable energy, said: “We will shortly be submitting the application to the council.

“The two plots of land were bought to clarify ownership issues and at the time we did not know where it would be placed.”

“The turbine would go at one site or the other and not both.”

He added that the site was not suitable for two wind turbines because of noise restrictions.