Trowbridge town councillor Glyn Bridges said he feels privileged to be returning to the role of mayor, after being elected at the annual town council meeting on Tuesday.

Cllr Bridges, of Alma Street, Trowbridge, served as mayor during the years 1998/99 and 2003/04 and will now be chairman of the council and mayor of Trowbridge for the civic year 2014-15.

The deputy mayor will be Roger Andrews, of Sussex Walk, Hilperton, who was previously a mayor and councillor in Bradford on Avon for 12 years, before moving back to Trowbridge in 2006.

Cllr Bridges, who has chosen Dorothy House Hospice Care as the mayor’s charity, said: “It is a privilege to represent the town and I want to continue working to raise its profile and helping the local community.

“I chose Dorothy House as it is a local charity that does a fantastic job.”

Outgoing mayor David Halik spoke to the council about his time in the role and presented a cheque for £2,748 to his chosen charities, Revival and Storehouse Foodbank.