Opinion was split over whether to put Marlborough’s redundant flagpole up at the war memorial on Barn Street when the issue was discussed at a full town council meeting.

The fate of the pole was raised after a request by Marlborough’s branch of the Royal British Legion to use it to enhance the memorial.

But the proposal flagged up problems, one being that the pole is 12ft tall and might make the memorial look unbalanced.

Coun Justin Cook said: “It’s such a beautiful war memorial and I just wonder whether aesthetically a flagpole is going to look right.”

There were also concerns over security if the pole was openly accessible to members of the public.

Coun Alexander Kirk Wilson said: “It’s going to be huge temptation for young lads after a few beers to hang pants and brassieres and the like if it’s completely accessible.”

When the pole was purchased, a socket was created for it at the side of the town hall but it is not the right size and so a decision was made to look at selling it.

However, it was discovered that its resale value was low so local groups were contacted to see if they wanted the pole.

Coun Richard Allen said: “The existing flagpole is a white elephant and it feels like we are trying to find a use for something we shouldn’t have got in the first place and wasn’t voted on.