JOHN Fisher admits he came close to walking away from Highworth Town before agreeing to stay on for another season.

The veteran manager confirmed to the club that he would like to remain in charge of the Worthians after having his concerns about the coming campaign addressed.

And now that his future at the Hellenic League Premier Division club is sorted, Fisher is nowing desperately trying to arrange his pre-season programme.

“I couldn’t before as I wasn’t sure that I was going to be staying,” Fisher said. “It was probably 60/40 in favour of me being here next season, but it was the closest I’ve been (to going).

“Now I’ll be on the phone to clubs trying sort to out our friendlies, it wouldn’t have been fair to do it before as, if I left a new manager might not have wanted to play the same teams.”

The Elms chief’s main concerns for the new campaign was the commitment given during midweek matches and he says that the club have ‘bent over backwards’ in trying to get those problems ironed out.

“The problem was I was having to go and get the minibus, the kit, the players, drive to matches, drive home, take the minibus back to the clubhouse before going home myself,” the manager explained.

“There were times I’d go out to work in the morning and not get home until midnight, it was just too much.

“The club have now got someone to handle the minibus so that takes the pressure off - they have bent over backwards to get things sorted.

“What I now need are the players to do the same, if there are injuries or someone has to work on the night when we have a midweek game then that is fine.

“What I don’t need is players who say that they will only play Saturdays, if that is what they want then go and find a club who only play on Saturdays.”

Now that his future at the club is arranged, Fisher said that he is relieved that all the uncertainty is now over.

“When I first started out in management I asked someone how do you know when you are ready to pack it all in,” he added. “He told me that I would know and right now I’m not ready to pack it in, I still have a lot to offer.

“I know once I leave Highworth that will be it for me, I won’t manage another club, that is why it has taken so long, I needed to be sure and I’ll be honest it was a tight call on whether I’d stay or go.

“Now that is all done I’m relieved, I can start looking forward to the new season.”

Highworth will return to pre-season training on Monday, June 30.