FRUSTRATED householder Pauline Hume put large signs on a redundant wheelie bin, after Wiltshire Council failed to pick it up almost two months after she asked it to.

Mrs Hume, 60, who lives with her husband Rob in Yarnbrook Road, West Ashton, contacted the council at the beginning of April to ask for the bin, that was no use to her, and was told it would be picked up within 21 days.

However, when she contacted the council after the 21 days she was told that bin men had been out twice and could not see it – despite it being on the A350.

Mrs Hume said: “I probably called the council about six times but I got absolutely nowhere until I made the signs. I’m glad it’s been sorted, but it should have been easier.”

A council spokesman said: “The bin has now been collected, and we are sorry it took so long.”