Super slimmer Chris Callow says he is healthier and fitter after shedding more than five stones in weight.

Mr Callow, 56, was named as man of the year at the Devizes Tuesday morning Slimming World group that he attends.

The married father-of-four grown up children was referred to the group by his GP last June after he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Mr Callow, of The Fairway, Devizes, was 19 stone 1lb when he joined the group, which meets in St Andrew’s Church, and now he is just under 14 stone.

He has ditched crisps, eats more fruit, uses spray cooking oil and goes to the gym several times a week at Devizes Leisure Centre.

Mr Callow, chairman of Roundway Parish Council, said: “There are things I do now which I couldn’t before. I walk up the stairs two at a time, before I got out of breath. If I’m peckish I eat more fruit.

“Going to Slimming World has helped me a lot. If I hadn’t lost weight I would have been put on medication for my diabetes.”

Most of the slimming group members are women and Mr Callow, who retired as a project manager from Wiltshire Council a year ago, admitted he was timid when he first joined.

He said: “I was a bit concerned I was the only fella there, but there are one or two others who go. The ladies in the group are very supportive.”

Mr Callow has set himself a new target of getting down to 13 and a half stones.

Slimming world consultant and group leader Pauline Wilding said of Mr Callow: “Chris was a bit apprehensive when he joined the class but he knew he had to lose weight for his health.

"He started cooking and did lots of recipes which he found easy and satisfying.

“He is really supportive of other members in the group.”