THE wet weather from earlier this year looks set to continue after the Met Office issued a weather warning for Saturday.

From midnight onwards, Swindon could be hit by heavy rain for most of the day, although it could be at its worst in the morning.

The Met Office has issued the warning for most of the south west of England and Wales, although at this stage they do not know how severe it will be.

A spokeswoman said: “We have an area of low pressure heading up from the south west but unfortunately with this type of weather it is hard to predict how intense the rain will be or where it will hit.

“It may be some people only see a light shower during the day but we need people to be aware there could be heavy rain. For Swindon, if the rain does hit, it will most likely be in the morning.”

The Met Office have advised people to check their website which will be updated with information when they have it.