Police concerned about youths in Calne using laser pens have spoken to an 18-year-old days after releasing a CCTV picture of a man in a grey top.

The picture came from Calne Town Council’s CCTV team who spotted a group of youths with a laser pen just before 10pm on Saturday, May 24, in Church Street.

It was released on Monday and on Wednesday the man visited Calne Police Station to speak to officers, where he was given advice on the dangers of using a laser pen.

Calne PCSO Mark Cook said several people called police to identify the man after seeing the picture on the Gazette & Herald’s website and the Calne Police Facebook page.

He said: “I would like to pass on my gratitude to all persons involved in identifying this male.

"It is reassuring for everyone that this person has been advised regarding his behaviour, and that further and potentially more serious incidents have been prevented.

"The laser pen has now been sent for destruction.”