Rail fan Philip Kelley has published his latest book about the Swiss railways.

Mr Kelley, 85, of Potterne, has visited Switzerland regularly since 1954 and his book includes 420 photos, many of them his, and charts the history of the Swiss railways over the past 60 years.

Mr Kelley worked for British Rail for 40 years and was its official photographer for some of the time.

He said: “The book is basically a railway history but it could be taken as a travel book as I have put in a lot of scenic shots. The Swiss railways are so efficient. The government put a lot of money into them.

“The railways keep the country going and their punctuality is absolutely second to none.”

Mr Kelley has written four books, one a pamphlet on the mountain railways of Switzerland and three on the road vehicles of Great Western Railway. His next project is his autobiography.

Swiss Railways Six Decades Of Change is available at Devizes Books or Bookworld at info@book worldws.co.uk for £30.