PLANS for a further housing development in Blunsdon were put before residents yesterday.

Linden Homes outlined a proposal to build 69 homes off Ermin Street, 30 per cent of which will be affordable, during the public consultation at Blunsdon House Hotel.

A formal application for land between the main road and the hotel has not yet been put forward, but if it is eventually given the go-ahead it will be the latest area to be developed around the village.

The housing firm said the aim of the meeting was to gather public opinion and then it would tailor the application around those views.

Tom Smailes, a representative of Linden Homes, said: “At this stage we are looking to engage with the community to get their thoughts before we submit final plans.

“This is the final pocket of land around Ermin Street and it is currently agricultural land which is not being used for anything in particular. The homes will be spaced apart and there is green land, as well as a play park, in the proposals.

“The homes we are looking at are of high quality.”

Linden Homes said it is working with the Blunsdon Neighbourhood Plan Working Group and if the development is approved there will be Section 106 money available for community facilities.

Some residents are concerned about extra traffic in the area, especially as Cold Harbour junction is already busy during rush hour.

Linden said it is aware of the issue and has commissioned a survey to look at possible solutions.

Tom added: “At this stage we cannot say for definite what will go there but we are aware of the issue and are looking at solutions which will be in place before an application is put in.

“The entrance will come out onto High Street where there is already a road.”

Resident Jim Hyland attended the meeting with his wife Carol. He said: “On the whole it is well parcelled in so we are not too concerned about where it is.

“The one main worry I do have is the houses will not fit in with the rest of the houses.

“The houses in Blunsdon all have an old look, even the new ones, so I am a little worried the development will spoil the look of the village.

“The roads will also have to be upgraded to cope with all the traffic.”