SEAN Davey is hoping to spread Caribbean flavour across the country through his new sauce company with the help of a £5,000 grant from University College London.

Sean, 22, originally from Highworth, studied philosophy at the university and has teamed up with Pauline Pearce to sell Grandad’s Kitchen Bajan seasoning.

Pauline was nicknamed the ‘Hackney Heroine’ after the riots in the area in 2012, when a video of her berating the offenders was posted on YouTube. Sean was eager to meet Pauline and after discussing her involvement in the riots the pair become friends through their shared love of Caribbean food.

The sauce is made from a traditional recipe of Pauline’s father Wilbert. Sean was awarded the funding for his idea as part of his university's Bright Ideas Awards, to help students start their own businesses.

Sean said: “Pauline is so recognised in the community and it has been amazing to get to know her. She’s had a huge impact on people and we are hoping people will support our business.”

Timothy Barnes, a director from the university’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, said: “Both Sean and Pauline have impressed all of us here with their determination to make their business a success.

“We could see from the very beginning that the business has enormous potential, which we hoped we could accelerate through providing funding for them at a crucial early stage.”

Sean and Pauline are currently selling the Seasoning across London, and are in discussion with Bloomsbury-based social enterprise The People’s Supermarket to stock their product.

They are also working on their next product, Grandad’s Hackney Hot Sauce.

Sean said: “Things are going really well and these are exciting times for us. I hope people try the sauce and embrace Caribbean culture.”

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