SWINDON Museum and Art Gallery’s latest exhibition offers a fresh perspective on portraits by bringing together traditional and modern portraits, self-portraits, studies and sketches.

About Face is on display until September 27, free to look around and open Wednesday until Saturday, 11am to 3pm and from 10am during school holidays.

This exhibition presents a range of different portraits and self-portraits to explore this most compelling of artistic subjects.

A spokesperson for the new exhibition said: “Portraits capture attention and create a communication between us and the individual shown. From the earliest age, humans learn to recognise others’ faces, to seek eye contact and to make a connection with others. Portraits have a particular power by portraying other human beings to be viewed.

“They create a situation in which we can see another’s face, study them in detail and perhaps feel a connection that spans time, geography and the distance between art and reality.”

Over the next few years, Swindon Museum & Art will regularly be updating their displays to make the Swindon Collection accessible to the people of Swindon.