Pupils at Southbroom St James Academy Junior School in Devizes have been able to touch rare samples of Moon rocks and meteorites.

As part of science week, the Science and Technology Facilities Council in Swindon loaned the school a number of lunar samples collected during some of NASA’s first manned space missions to the Moon.

The council also lent the school a 1.2 billion year-old piece of Mars and a 4.3 billion year-old nickel meteorite.

To round off the week the school had an Explorer Dome erected to teach them about planets in our solar system. This was a mini planetarium inside a blow-up tent.

Teacher Celia Stevens said: “Part of the curriculum for Key Stage 2 is to learn about the planets, the Sun and the Moon.

“The children were so excited to hold something that has come from the moon and to hold some really good examples of meteorites.

“They really enjoyed the week and have got to know lots about planets and the Moon.”