Retired dentist Clive Power his has flown out to East Timor to share his expertise with a new generation.

Mr Power, from Neston, is spending 18 days in the south east Asian country with a group from the oral heath charity Dentaid, which trains new dentists.

Mr Power, who retired in 2010 after 40 years as a dentist in Corsham, said: “East Timor has three dentists in the whole of the country for three million people. We are going out to extend their training to get them more skills for pain relief.”

As medical resources are scarce, the charity’s volunteers will also be bringing DentaidBoxes, which allow a portable surgery to be packed inside a wheelie bin.

Mr Power said: “One of the jobs I do is to help make the portable dental chairs. I make the bases for them.

“It will go to a hospital base, and can be moved to an outlying school or clinic, so it’s extremely portable, and will help a lot of people, and can be used by medics in emergency situations.

“The last five I made have been sent to East Timor. I joined a support group for East Timor in the 1980s, and wrote a lot of letters to MPs.”