Wrong Way Round cycling raised more than £1,000 for charities in Yatton Keynell.

A record 120 people took part in Sunday’s tour; many for the pre-school, primary, youth club and church.

The ride was inspired by a milestone in the village, near Chippenham, that reads 97 Miles to Hyde Park Corner.

Instead, organisers asked people to go “the wrong way round.” This year, there was a 19-mile family friendly circular lap of country lanes.

One of the organisers, Mark Adams, said: “It’s still a heck of a distance, but there was more of a family feel, a carnival atmosphere.”

Fellow organiser David Else said: “Fred Hayward, from the village, is in his 60s and only took up cycling last year. He joined the event on a whim, did two laps which is 38 miles, and raised money for a cancer charity.”

The youngest to complete a lap was Giles Dannatt, eight, of Sherston.

Churchwarden Pam Rawlins, 54, of Yatton Keynell, did 10 hours and 95 miles, raising £555 for St Margaret’s Church.