ONE-YEAR-OLD Khaleesi the cat was found six miles from home, crying and hungry, after her family launched a desperate appeal to find her.

The tabby went missing from her home in Croft Road on June 1, at which point Lisa Atlee, 30. began a campaign on social media to find her, going door to door with hundreds of flyers.

Khaleesi had not been collared or chipped, and it was only after an appeal in the Adver 12 days later that Lisa received a call from a woman in Haydon End, on the opposite side of Swindon, to say she had been taking care of the starving puss.

Lisa suspects foul play, and can’t believe the kitten could have walked the six miles to where she was found.

“She is not a wanderer, and it is not like her at all,” said Lisa. “We knew she was lost because she is not the kind of cat to just take off.

“We had an 18th birthday party for my niece, and went out for a meal before coming back for a bit of a karaoke party. It was about 4am when people started to leave. That was the last time we saw her. We realised the next day she had not had her breakfast so we went out looking for her.

“We started looking right away and leafleted 250 posters and got in touch with all the vets.”

Lisa had almost resigned herself to Khaleesi being gone forever until the good news came through.

“It was quite surreal,” she said. “Yesterday I had pretty much given up all hope. After putting it in the paper I didn’t know where else to turn. But then a lady emailed me and said she thought she had our cat and had taken her back to the vets.

“My feeling is that she has been taken over there. I don’t see how she would have got over there all by herself. She is very inexperienced and I am not even sure how she would have walked it. I have been trying to map it out and it is just so far away.”

The woman who found Khaleesi had been nursing her back to health.

“She said that in the morning she woke up and could hear the cat crying out in the garden,” Lisa said. “She went to borrow a cat basket from one of her friends. She took her home after checking if she was chipped, and not a lot of people would have done that.”

“The vets said she was starving. It doesn’t seem like she has been put in the wild, there’s not a mark on her apart from losing a lot of weight.”

Lisa along with children Jaden, 11, Zane, eight, Seth, four, and River, two, are delighted to have their beloved pet back.

“We are absolutely over the moon,” said Lisa. “She was gone for 12 days so we weren’t expecting her to come home at all.”