SWINDON Supermarine boss Dave Webb is pleased with how his defence is shaping up ahead of pre-season as ‘keeper Sam Worrell signed on.

Worrell joins Mark Flanagan, Ross Adams, Dave Bampton and Kyle Lapham to complete Marine’s first-choice defense with Webb now looking for extra bodies to supplement that unit.

Marine have also added former Swindon Town youth player Eddie Stevens and ex-Cirencester man Joe Shephard to bolster their midfield ranks, in what has been a busy week at the Webb’s Wood club.

Webb’s attention must now return to his biggest task which is finding a striker, or two, as he looks to replace the goals lost from the departures of Ash Edenborough and Josh Parsons.

“It‘s been a really positive week, we re-signed Mark Flanagan and Sam Worrell this week as well as Joe Shephard from Cirencester,” Webb told the Advertiser.

“I’m talking to couple of players today (Friday), one is another defender. Hopefully if we can get that one on board then we can get that shape in terms of the back four and the goalkeeper. That’s something that we wanted, it gives us strong options and a sound base.

“The defender I’m talking to is from the Southern League, and I’m talking to a young striker the Hellenic League.

“In midfield Joe is coming on board and gives us options in that area. Striking options are what we need to work on before the season starts. It’s not easy to replace the players we’ve lost.

“I knew we were going to lose Josh and I was very upset to lose Ash, if we can bring one in sooner rather than later that would be better. When players realise they won’t be a first choice at their clubs they’ll start looking elsewhere.

“We can look at them in a few weeks. I have to be a bit patient I think, if I can get the right one in we’re looking good, obviously it’s getting that main striker is the main thing.

“We have the ability to bring in a big signing, to the level of Ross Adams, if one’s out there. The difficulty is finding that players, in terms of pre-season, I’ve spoken to several strikers who have committed to other clubs, all these players cannot play and they will work that out so we might have to wait.”