Police called for back-up from a riot van and the British Transport Police to stop a large group of youths from travelling by train from Chippenham Railway Station last Thursday.

Around 80 youths began causing trouble at the railway station just before 10pm, following England’s World Cup match, and two police officers were unable to stop them boarding a train to Bath.

But the train was held at Chippenham until eight extra police officers and two members of British Transport Police arrived.

The youths were ejected from the train, warned about their behaviour and told to leave.

Chippenham sergeant Phil Connor said most of the youths did not have train tickets.

He said: “Their behaviour on the train was poor, they were jumping up and down and shouting.

"We decided that we had a positive duty of care and that's why we prevented them from going to Bath.”

Police were alerted to the group of youths by door staff at The Brunel, The Black Horse and Bar Eleven.

The train left 25 minutes late after police apologised to passengers on board.

Sgt Connor said: “We would like to send a message out to parents of young people that they have a responsibility to know where their children are, what they are doing and what company they are holding.

“Certainly the ticket man, he was very intimidated. There was no way he could have dealt with them on the train, but the important thing was the reaction we got from those law-abiding persons on the train, because we got a bit of a round of applause.

“We don’t know if it was associated with the group, however on the platform we found a lock knife which was taken to Chippenham Police Station where it was destroyed.”

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