SWINDON Town chairman Lee Power asked a High Court courtroom why he would plough £2m into something he didn't believe he owned, this morning.

Power appeared bullish and refreshed on the second day of the hearing to determine who owns the football club, as he stood his ground under questioning from the defence counsel.

It was put to the chairman by Charles Douthwaite, defence counsel for Jed McCrory, he neither believed he was the owner of the club nor did he believe an agreement still existed, whereby he could make himself the majority shareholder.

Power said: "Why would I put £2m into the football club if I didn't think I was the owner?

"The finances improved during the audit (October 2013) because I'm putting money in and selling players for them.

"Without my money the club would've fallen over in March (2013).

"Without me we wouldn't even be sitting here now.

"Everyone in the courtroom knows that, especially the gentleman in the back row who's supporting the football club."

In his evidence, Power also elaborated on the alleged accusations thrown at him by McCrory on the day he stepped down as chairman in December.

He said: "The match-fixing was something that Jed brought up when we decided to part.

"It was something he felt he needed to say when he knew he'd been found out with stealing money from the football club.

"Straight away, me and Sangita rang the Football League and the FA about these accusations.

"He (Jed) even said the manager was in on it. The match we fixed changed four times and we won all the games we're supposed to have fixed."