A MAN who told a woman whose mum was strangled to death that she would 'end up the same way' before throttling her in a drunken attack has been jailed.

Kenny Dalgliesh, who knew how his victim's mum had died, repeatedly threatened her after banging at her window in the middle of the night.

Jailing the 34-year-old for just nine months a judge at Swindon Crown Court told him 'I am restrained by the sentencing guidelines'.

Robin Shellard, prosecuting, said Michelle Cole and Dalgliesh were 'no more than acquaintances' seeing each other once or twice a month.

The 28-year-old's mum, Angela Coleman, had been killed in 2006 when she was strangled by a former partner at her home in The Prinnels.

Mr Shellard said Miss Cole was asleep in her ground floor flat shortly before 1am on Sunday November 4 last year when she was woken by knocking on the window.

Seeing who it was she tried to get him to go away before going to the door as she feared he would disturb her neighbours.

But when she opened it to try and get rid of him he tried to barge past her and get inside, before turning on her.

"He pushed her against the wall then screamed at her 'You think you are better than me you f***ing sl*g. No wonder your mother was strangled. You are going to end up the same way'.

"He repeated those comments on about four occasions. Michelle Cole's mother had, in 2006, in fact been killed by being strangled. That is something Mr Dalgliesh knew.

"She tried to close the door. The doormat was in the way. He picked it up and struck her about the body with it about three times.

"He pinned her against the wall putting his hands round her neck, putting them round her throat.

"Clearly by what he said, what happened to her mother, she feared for her life.

"He applied some pressure, he then stopped, continued to abuse her in violent and irrational terms, then left."

When he was questioned he claimed she had assaulted him and then answerrd no comment to questions.

Dalgliesh, of Aymer Place, Eldene, initially pleaded not guilty to actual bodily harm but changed his plea to guilty on the day of trial.

Mark Sharman, defending, said: "Through me he wishes to offer his sincere and full apologies for what he did."

He said he had things preying on his mind at the time as he was anxious about his parents separating and a grandparent's ill health.

"He is his own worst enemy in that he was awaiting CRB checks to come through to enable him to work at Uplands Special School. That is not now available to him for obvious reasons," he said.

Jailing him Judge Douglas Field said: "This is a very disgraceful episode: totally unacceptable.

"You turned up at the home of a lady living on her own ;ate at night and having got her to the door you treated her to a tirade of vile abuse.

"You knew that her mother had been strangled and you told her that she in turn was going to be strangled.

"You put your hands round her neck. She was terrified. Indeed she thought her life was in jeopardy. You cause scratches and bruises to her.

"You were completely drunk and completely out of control. This behaviour merits immediate imprisonment. I am restrained by the sentencing guidelines."

As well as a nine month jail term he imposed a restraining order banning him from contacting Miss Cole or going to her home.