SANFORD Link development coach Lee Bowen was delighted with the launch of the club’s Stay Active - Stay Healthy recruitment drive.

Saturday saw the Link Centre-based club launch their campaign, aimed at getting more youngsters playing table tennis in the local area.

The club put on a taster day, with free to use tables and exhibitions from Sanford coach Graham Slack and long-time Link coach Ernie Howell.

The launch was the first part of a drive by the club to increase the sport’s participation and Bowen was delighted the hard work he and his fellow organisers put in paid off.

“No question about it, was it was absolutely brilliant, I’m so chuffed that it was successful,” said Bowen.

“It was packed solid from about 11 o’clock, we were there until 2pm but we could have gone on much longer.

“We had eight tables constantly in use, there were at least 50 if not 60 people over the day, it was not bad going, especially considering the game’s way down in the pecking order.

“The idea was to create a fun day with the hope they (the people trying it) would take the game up. As far as I was concerned it was a successful event.

“We had a lot of younger players and girls, we only have two or three girls in the whole of Swindon so that was really encouraging.

“We handed out a few loyalty cards for free coaching sessions and we got a good number of youngsters who will be coming back on Fridays.

“The next thing will be me and Graham Slack going to schools each month. We have three schools lined up Churchfields Academy, Swindon Academy and St Joseph’s Academy.

“It worked well because of the planning of the day and we were able to get the word out about it all over Swindon, we had people waiting to get on the tables which is great to see.”