Misspelt signs on the four gates of the children’s play area at Trowbridge Park have left Trowbridge Town Council red faced, after the error was picked up by local residents.

The signs, which warn visitors that they are not allowed to smoke or bring dogs into the play area, spells ‘allowed’ wrongly with ‘or’ being used twice in a row as well.

Despite the obvious errors, the signs managed to make it onto the gates of the play area, with numerous residents contacting the council to highlight the comical mistake.

One resident Gill Feltham, who alerted the Wiltshire Times, said: “I was taking my dog for a walk in the park on Thursday and I don’t know what made me look at it, but I had to do a double take.

“Obviously no one in the town council, or amazingly the people they use to produce signs, has ever heard of spell checker or proof reading.

“To think it would have gone through several people and no one spotted the errors is crazy.

"I noticed allowed was spelt wrong and then I saw the double ‘or’ as well. It was pretty funny.”

The signs have now been replaced.

Trowbridge town council clerk Lance Allan said: “The town council has replaced all of the incorrect signs with new correct signs after the mistakes were pointed out.

“I can assure residents that through our arrangements with Trowbridge In Bloom sponsors and sign manufacturers the replacement signs have been produced at no additional cost to the council tax payer.

“We hope that residents and visitors appreciate the improvements we have made to the park over the past year since it was transferred to the town council, with the new fence around the children’s play area we can ensure it is kept dog free as long as dog walkers obey the new signs.

“We have also reiterated the previous decision to make children’s play areas smoke free outdoor environments.

"If there are any other issues we need to address please do not hesitate to contact the town council at the Civic Centre on info@trowbridge.gov.uk.”