Police are warning of the dangers of copper pipe thefts after two raids in Melksham on Saturday night led to gas leaks.

A copper gas pipe was stolen from a property in Victoria Terrace between midnight and 6am.

Another external copper gas pipe was stolen from the Tandoori Restaurant in Church Street between midnight and 7am.

A fire crew from Melksham and a fire crew from Trowbridge were called at 8.10am and cordoned off the area until gas workers arrived.

Sgt James Williams said: “The theft of copper piping carrying a live gas supply is incredibly dangerous. Gas when under control is predominately safe but it can be potentially hazardous if a leak occurs.

"If you smell gas or think that you may have a gas leak somewhere then you should call National Grid Gas Emergencies line. Open your windows and doors to let air in.

"Do not turn lights on or off and do not smoke, light a match or any other naked flame.

“Never try to investigate the problem or attempt to fix a leak.”