Most teenagers who go back-packing around Australia return home with not much more than a good tan and some surfing skills, but Callum Harford came back home with a business idea he hopes will make his fortune.

Mr Harford, 19, from Tytherton Lucas, near Chippenham, noticed that in Australia many pick-up trucks had dropsides, which made them much more versatile, especially for farmers.

When he got back to Wiltshire a few months ago he ran the idea past his father Robert who runs a garage in Langley Road, Chippenham, and his brother Jonathan, 22, who has just graduated with an engineering degree.

He said: “I talked it over with my dad and he could see the potential and my brother was keen to be involved so we decided to go for it.”

The brothers have now launched Allybacks and have imported their first 30 high-capacity aluminium dropside backs from Australia.

Mr Harford, who is a former student at Grittleton School and Lackham College, said: “It is a new product for the UK so we are hoping it will take off.

“When I staying at my cousin’s house in Perth and working on landscaping I noticed how all the pick-ups had these sort of backs and how much easier it was to load them. We are also developing a tipper ramp so they can be easily unloaded.”

The brothers offer a service of supplying and fitting the dropsides and can also lend customers a truck while the work is going on. So far the brothers have kitted out their own trucks to show off the new sides and have their first order from a local farmer.

Mr Harford said: “We have only been going a few weeks and so we are trying to market the idea to as many people as possible. It is quite exciting. We see ourselves as young entrepreneurs and hope we can be a success.”