Warminster roofer Keith Saunders will be aiming high to raise £2,000 for Raleigh International when he tries to smash the world record for climbing ladders on Saturday from 3pm at Salisbury Fire Station.

Keith, 46, of Copheap Lane, Warminster, will try to climb the vertical height of Everest and then, if he has time, he will go for the world record of 13.12 kilometres in in 24 hours.

He has been hard at training and has rigged up a ladder and a fireman’s pole at Millards Farm, Upton Scudamore.

In September he will go to Northern Borneo with the charity that inspires young people to volunteer and work with communities living in poverty.

He said: “I have not done anything this ambitious before, the time is now right. My two kids have now grown up and there is nothing stopping me.”

Anyone who would like to make a donation can do so on: https://www.justgiving.com/keith-saunders3/