Pupils from Hardenhuish School, Chippenham, beat fierce competition to win the combined technology and language challenge held in Marlborough on June 3.

For the challenge, held at St John’s School, pupils had to create a natural disaster aid pack and present it to a panel of critics.

The team from Hardenhuish prepared two soups and a rice pudding, made a multipurpose box and sewed a sleeping bag.

The day combined language, design and technology skills, as they had to give their final presentation in two languages and make products for the pack.

The winning team included Jan Chiu, Katherine Pennycott, Ruth Keat, Caitlin Lancaster and Pierre-Marie Semichon.

Kara Brewerton, events assistant, said: “Their presentation in French and English was superb and the judges’ tricky questions were dealt with expertly and calmly.”