INSPIRED – or as the case may be, roped in – by their extremely persuasive fellow cyclist and Adver employee Joseph Theobald, the Swindon Wheelers will cover 160km to the Severn Bridge for the 160 Appeal in aid of Prospect Hospice.

Around 15 cyclists will join the media sales consultant on the challenge in the hope of raising £1,000 for the Wroughton charity.

To up the ante the team is aiming to reach the bridge in six hours on Saturday, July 26.

“The ride to the Severn Bridge is 100 miles, so 160km, which worked out well with the appeal,” said Joseph, 25, from Old Town. “It’s an annual bike ride that we do so we thought it would be good to do it for Prospect. Everybody was keen to the point where they are now emailing and bugging me about it. As soon as they heard it was for Prospect they were more than happy to support it. The Bike Rooms have also offered to sponsor us.

“There has been talk of doing it fast because it’s for Prospect so everyone is training to be in top form. We will ride halfway across the bridge and take a picture before turning round.”

The Wheelers will set off from the Adver office in Old Town at 8.30am.

Although organised by the Wheelers, the bike ride is open to anyone looking to test their stamina and support the thousands of patients with life-limiting illnesses coming through the hospice doors each year.

“It is open to anyone serious about their cycling who wants to join and is inclined to raise money with us,” Joseph added.

“We want to push our boundaries to keep it exciting. It won’t be easy but what patients are going through at the hospice is far from easy.

“We just wanted to do our part to help.”