When Theodore the tortoise went walkabout from its Devizes home, owner Sian Rawlinson was devastated.

But thanks to the power of the internet, seven-year-old Theodore is now back home at Wiltshire Regiment Cottages in London Road.

It was found after Miss Rawlinson put out a plea on Facebook for people in her area of town to keep a lookout for the tortoise several days after it went missing on June 12.

Theodore was spotted several hundred yards from home by joiners Steve Baker and Paul Kimber, when it took up residence under Mr Baker’s van on the Hopton Industrial Estate.

He also took to Facebook – to ask if anyone had lost a tortoise – and was surprised at how many people came forward claiming to be its owner.

But he was convinced that Miss Rawlinson was the rightful keeper when she showed him a picture of Theodore in the living room of her home.

Miss Rawlinson, who has owned the tortoise since it was a baby, admits to rather spoiling her reptile pet and normally keeps it safely indoors and only allows it out under supervision.

The 31-year-old postwoman said: “On the day he went missing, a number of things happened that took my attention away.

“My baby son, Kiel, started to cry upstairs and then someone came to the door about my car.

“When I went back into the living room, I realised he must have got out the door.

“I was upset, as he means a lot to me. I know he is only a tortoise, but he’s very special.

“I was delighted when he was found. I can’t thank Steve and Paul enough.

“From now on, he won’t go outside unless I am with him.”

Mr Baker said: “I was so pleased Sian got him back and to see the look on her face.”