NEWLY-WED Jessica Nye took the best day of her life to a whole new level when she zip-wired down a cliff to her wedding reception.

Jessica, 24, and her 25-year-old husband Andrew, tied the knot on Saturday, six years after they met scaling the world’s highest mountain.

They then slid down a 490m zip wire, 50m above a flooded Cornish quarry, at speeds of up to 40mph to their wedding reception.

Jessica, a nurse at the Great Western Hospital’s Victoria Centre, said: “My partner and I are very outdoorsy. We met trying to get to base camp at Mount Everest about six years ago.

“Some time last year, while we were engaged, we went to Adrenalin Quarry, near Liskeard in Cornwall, and we had so much fun we asked if anybody had been married there. The owner said nobody had, although he was keen to see it happen. So we said we’d do it.

“Adrenalin Quarry is a man-made quarry, which if you’re an adrenaline junkie is just the place to go. There’s a zip wire over a lake, a giant swing and loads of other things.

“The day seemed to have come around really quickly. It seemed a while away when we said we’d do it.”

Andrew and Jessica, who live at Redhouse, were followed down the two-stringed zip-wire by many of their wedding party, including Andrew’s best man and the bridesmaids.

Jessica – nee Schneider – said: “It was quite a surreal experience. It was really exciting but a bit strange too. It was just perfect for us, it was exactly how we wanted it to be.”

All Jessica changed after the wedding ceremony were her shoes... for a pair of wellies.

She said: “One of my friends made a pair of wellies for me to wear so that I didn’t break my heels.

“Most of my friends went down the zip wire. A few did walk down if they couldn’t zip, and my poor mum carried my bouquet and everything down.

“We zipped down to the Dambusters theme tune wearing flying caps, which was fun, although some of the younger guests didn’t understand the reference. Our granddads liked it though.”

The couple arrived at the site the night before to set everything up. They were especially keen to ensure their music – including Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and Anything You Can Do – could be heard from the clifftop.

Jessica also tested out her harness, which she wore underneath her dress during the ceremony.

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