Langley Fitzurse School had a Victorian day to celebrate saving its nineteenth century bell tower.

The primary school bell tower risked having to be demolished after the rope snapped. But horrified at the prospect of losing this piece of history, the PTA and other Kington Langley villagers clubbed together and raised thousands of pounds for its restoration, and in May it was rung for the first time in four years. Now it has been blessed by Reverend Evelyn Bone from St Peter’s Church.

The children wore pinafores and flat caps to school for the celebratory day, had a picnic and played games like hopscotch, tag, marbles and skipping.

An arithmetic lesson was taught by a teacher from Sevington, a living history Victorian School at Grittleton, with pupils writing on slates with chalk.

Headteacher Becky Harris, said: “She was very stern-faced for most of the day and went around with a cane. I think was a bit scary for some of the children.

“They got into their roles very quickly and enjoyed the differences, like sitting in rows and facing the front.

“It was great to ring the bell again, it’s beautiful.”