More than 200 people have signed a petition calling for the removal of new traffic signs on Corsham High Street, less than three weeks after they were installed.

Priory Street resident Christine Reid started the campaign in protest over the number of new road signs erected in the pedestrianised end of the High Street, following an initiative by Wiltshire Council’s highways department.

She said: “They agreed to make a major change to the signage in the High Street, and have doubled the number of signs.

“They put up huge signs then three enormous planters at each entrance to the pedestrianised precinct, with large signs saying cyclists dismount, which cyclists are ignoring.

“We are furious at the insensitive, high-handed way the council has dealt with this. This is a street that has been filmed by two separate companies because it’s such a perfect historical street.”

Along with other town centre residents she has started the petition calling on the town council to reconsider its support for the plan.

She said: “We went out last Saturday and got 200 signatures just in the morning. We went out again on market day on Tuesday, and will go again at the weekend.

“A lot of people were concerned about it. They thought that the pedestrianised part of the precinct looked shabby, and there was a feeling the town wasn’t being looked after as it should be.”

The petition was to be presented to the town council’s amenities committee last night.

Council clerk David Martin said: “The scheme was drawn up by Wiltshire Council in response to some concerns about cycling, and people driving the wrong way up the street.

“It went to the town council, and we supported it, and it was implemented. We are there to listen to the concerns made and will form a view that will go back to Wiltshire Council.”