The brother of Trowbridge multiple sclerosis sufferer Michaela Corr had his beard shaved off on her 21st birthday, after growing it for seven months to raise money for charity.

Matthew Corr, 24, has raised more than £450 for the MS Trust through donations, after growing his beard in aid of the cause since the beginning of January.

Mr Corr and Michaela, who was diagnosed in March 2012, wanted to raise money for the charity as Michaela undergoes treatment every four weeks. The beard was shaved off at Newtown Barbers, Trowbridge, on July 5.

Michaela said: “It was almost like shearing a sheep. He has done a great job growing it this year.”

Mr Corr, who works as a salesman, said: “I feel about 12 years old now it has gone.

“There were times when I wanted to shave it off, but I persisted because it was for my sister and it was about raising money for a great cause.”