The people of Melksham pulled out all the stops for another successful carnival last Saturday, with the streets lined with the biggest crowds in years.

Brightly decorated floats were led around the town by assorted walking groups, as music played and dancers lined the streets.

This year 18-year-old Carnival Queen Lauren Clarke was joined by former Queen Marina Skuse, who was selected as the first ever Queen of Queens, while local pubs, businesses and schools were represented alongside the police and fire service.

Carnival secretary Beth Dark said: “The highlight for me was the royalty, they were just amazing. They’re always polite and courteous, but this year they went above and beyond, and really added a touch of sparkle to the proceedings.

“The Pig and Whistle won the award for best float. They always put an awful lot of effort in, and they were brilliant, they got the crowds up and moving.”

Pub licensee Debbie Mitchell said: “We had a Nightmare in Wonderland theme, based on the idea that the Queen won not Alice, and it was the after effects of the Queen winning.

“There was lots of music, and they all came back absolutely exhausted. The crowds were fantastic; they said they had never seen so many people on the streets of Melksham for years.”

Other winners included the Enigma Baton Twirling team, who were named best performance group, Candy Jax sweetshop for best walking group, and Melksham Oak Community School, which was named best school, with the biggest entry in the carnival’s history.

The Manor School also won the Queen’s Choice award, for their space-themed float.

Miss Dark said: “Yet again I am amazed at the amount of goodwill out there. People will do things for us year on year.

“They do it because it’s Melksham and they love their town. I am so proud of my town, and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”