HUNDREDS of custom-made cars descended on Wroughton Airfield yesterday as a charity day was held to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

More than 20 car clubs from across the South West took part in the event which saw people of all ages coming along to enjoy a day in the sun.

As well as raise money for charity, organisers were hoping the day would also help to shake off the negative image many people have of those involved in custom cars.

Jamie Wyatt, the owner of Swindon Street Cruise, said: “We want people to see what we are doing here and to see that people into custom cars are not all stupid boy racers.

“We care about the community and want to give something back. There will always be one or two who mess it up for the rest of us but they are only a minority.

“Everyone else cares and the number of people who have come along today shows that. It’s really encouraging that so many people have come.

“This is a family day so we just want people to have fun while we raise some money.”

Although an event to raise money for charity was held last year, it was not on the same scale of yesterday’s show.

“The Air Ambulance does a great job and none of us know when we are going to need it,” said Jamie.

“They get no funding from the government so if it wasn’t for people giving to charity then they wouldn’t be able to keep the helicopter in the air.

“Last year we raised about £400 but we beat that within the first half-hour this time. I set myself a target of £1,000 so anything over that will be a bonus.”

People with an interest in cars came from all over Swindon to enjoy the day, with people queuing to get in long after the gates had opened.

Among them was James Kent and his girlfriend Lauren Collins, both 20, of Purton.

Lauren said: “My sister’s boyfriend has a car here so we came along. It is good to see so many people here.

“A lot of people have a bad image of these people but that’s not fair. You can see that by the number of people who have come here today for charity.”

James said: “Things like this are really good. If there were more places like this for people to go then they wouldn’t go to car-parks. People like to decorate their house and show it off. This is the same thing.”