Ivy Lane Primary School in Chippenham is celebrating being rated good, across the board, by Ofsted.

The report, released this month, awarded a grade two in every category, maintaining standards from their last inspection four years ago.

It said all pupils made good progress in their learning and understand how well they were learning because of the high quality of teachers’ marking.

In the report, inspector Tom Morrison praised the teachers’ skilful use of major events and community resources to plan interesting lessons for pupils.

He said: “All members of the school community are committed to meeting the needs of all pupils, particularly those that may require additional support. The school has established a strong team for this purpose.

“The school welcomes all pupils and supports any that find it difficult to fit in. As a result, there are very few exclusions from the school.”

The report said the school had taken robust action to improve attendance and this had been very effective. It also said it had good capacity to improve in the future, because of the head and governors’ high ambitions and senior leaders’ improvement plans being put into practice and checked.

Headteacher Chris Cannings said: “I am most pleased with the fact that it reflects really well on the school community.

“It’s great to see the report recognise the children behave well and are happy, as they should be at primary. It’s all about the kids and they work really hard, so I’m not surprised it’s a good report.”

Ofsted recommended providing more opportunities for pupils to develop their spoken language skills, and making sure all teachers consistently checked pupils’ work effectively in lessons and adjusted plans if necessary.

Mr Cannings said: “We’re not stopping now, we’ve already had meetings about how we can make it an even better place for the children to learn.”