Fashionista Kerry Isom hopes to add a touch of glamour to Chippenham with the launch of her boutique at the former Dentons hardware shop on Monday.

After 60 years in Park Lane, the hardware store closed in June 2013 and the 38-year-old has spent three weeks transforming it into Funk & Chic Boutique.

Planning permission has been submitted to build flats on the site but the landlord has given Mrs Isom, of Challows Lane in Biddestone, a three month lease to see if the business is viable.

She said: “I’m finding it difficult to get things done because people are stopping for a chat to see what’s going on but I’m happy to talk.

“We chose here because we weren’t tied into a year lease so we can see if the idea takes off and if it does then we can look at moving to another unit in Chippenham.”

The shop will sell clothing and accessories for women, children and men, offering discounts on High Street merchandise that has been overstocked or discontinued.

As well as items from shops including TopShop, Zara and River Island, Mrs Isom, a former HR manager at Oak Furniture Land, also stocks clothes from online retailers such as ASOS, designer products and well known clothing brands like FCUK.

She said: “I regularly go shopping with my teenage daughter and it’s hard to find the stuff we want without going into Swindon or Bath.

“ASOS is a fantastic online shop but sometimes people want to be able to feel the product and try it on.

“I wanted to do something that offered a discount but without it looking cheap; I want people to have a shopping experience where they come in and feel good.”