Wandering wallaby was sighted twice on Saturday and has now been filmed on the move in a Wiltshire lane.  

Ted Watts, of Marlborough, posted the video on the Wiltshire Wallaby Watch page of Facebook apparently showing Wanda on the move in a lane in the area. 

It can be seen here

Sean Bishop posted on the Wiltshire Wallaby Watch page of Facebook of the second Saturday sighting: "Just seen Wanda between Preston and Aldbourne approximately 8.30 this evening heading up towards the fields up towards Marridge Hill... on the back road to Aldbourne just down from the brewery."

Earlier in the day she had been seen in Axford.

Gardener Phil Brady has posted on the Wiltshire Wallaby Watch page of Facebook: "This is becoming a vital stage in finding Wanda as it looks like she is heading for the motorway.

"Please keep your eyes peeled in the Aldbourne area on the roads and please drive slowly. If anyone sees Wanda hitch hiking on the M4 she is probably heading for Heathrow to get a flight back to Australia.

"Although we would love her to be reunited with her ancestors, the likelihood of survival if she reaches the motorway are nil."

Steven Coles, an engineer at Roy Coles Upholstery, Manningford Bruce, has compiled map of Wanda's movements starting from July 2 when she escaped from her enclosure near Marlborough and was sighted that day in Elcot Lane.

It can be found here