Three young men who robbed a vulnerable 58-year-old at knifepoint in his Trowbridge home, leaving him fearing he would 'hacked to death', have received lengthy jail terms.

Damien Gordon, 19, Steven Richards, 21, and Joshua Simpkins, 20, targeted the man, who suffers from epilepsy and other conditions, before tricking their way into his flat.

Once inside a razor sharp knife was rubbed against his face while he had his bracelet removed and other items taken.

And when he tried to call for help the phone line was cut and he was told he would be sliced 'from his knee to his guts'.

At Swindon Crown Court yesterday, Gordon was jailed for six years and eight months and the others five years and four months after admitting robbery.

Hannah Squire, prosecuting, said victim Christopher Marsh, was walking to a food bank in Castle Street on February 27 when he was approached by Gordon and Simpkins. He was concerned and managed to get away but she said they saw him go home to his flat afterwards.

At about 12.15pm Gordon appeared at the door and asked to use the toilet and, against his better judgement, he let him in.

As he took the chain off the door Gordong burst in with the other two.

A number of DVD and Blu-Ray discs were taken and they managed to hold his wrist while a bracelet was removed.

When his ring would not come off Gordon pulled the knife from his pocket and stroked it on Mr Marsh’s face demanding he hand over his wallet and phone.

Miss Squire said the victim, having been threatened by the knife, did not resist as they continued to go through drawers in his flat.

He later told police: “I didn't want to be one of those people getting through 58 years of what I had gone through to be hacked to death by some teenagers.”

She said an alert neighbour had seen the strange men and heard noises and called the police and following a short chase they were arrested. As he was detained Gordon told an officer: “When I see you out of uniform you are dead. My crew are going to find you bruv.”

When he was questioned Simpkins told officers that Gordon had told him he needed money and had seen someone he was going to rob.

Gordon, of Silver Street, Trowbridge, Richards, of no fixed abode, and Simpkins, of The Paddocks, Westbury, admitted robbery. Gordon also admitted having a blade.

Mike Pulsford, for Gordon, said his client had been in care and moved to Trowbridge by Bristol City Council as he was in education there, and met the others through college.

James Bruce, for Simpkins, said his client realised he had been a fool getting involved and had not been aware a knife would be used.

Ximina Jones, for Richards, said her client insisted he had not seen the knife and said he played a lesser role.

Jailing them, Judge Tim Mousley QC said: "This was not a chance or opportunistic meeting between you three and him as you, Simpkins, told the police you were out that day looking for someone to rob and he was an easy target and he fitted the bill.”