A Warminster mother has started a twice monthly club for parents of twins, triplets, and other multiple siblings, at the Minster Church of St Denys, Church Street.

Amanda Williams, 34, from Minster View, is the mother of 19-month-old twins Thomas and Joshua and four-year old Jessica.

She said: “It is a support network because there are not many people who understand what it is like to be the mother or father of multiples.

“For a start, you need a car that is big enough to take three children’s seats and you need to know how to get to a car without them running in three directions.

“When you are the parent of multiples it is always all hands to the deck. It can be very draining and tiring and I thought it would be good to talk to other people who completely understand.

“We already have 34 families accessing the support network which gives them the chance to meet others, learn skills and get advice from each other.

“Also it gives children the opportunity to play with other multiples, an experience they may not have very often.”

The Minster Twins and More Club will meet twice a month, every second and last Wednesday between 10am and 11.30am.

Mrs Williams has run a Facebook group since February. Anyone who wants to join should log on to: www. facebook.com/groups/541062752658437.