Wiltshire Fire & Rescue Service has praised a Swindon schoolboy for staying cool-headed during a fire at his home.

Javier Tucker, a Year 6 student at Holy Rood Catholic Junior School in Upham Road, was presented with a special certificate at the end of term to recognise his actions.

The Service has a team of youth engagement advisors, who visit Year Two and Year Six classes across Wiltshire and Swindon with structured lesson plans that focus on issues such as the work of firefighters, the dangers of playing with matches, the importance of smoke alarms, having a fire plan, and dialling 999 in an emergency. Older children are also taught why you should never make hoax calls.

Earlier this year, Javier’s class was visited by youth engagement advisor Debbie Lowe. Then, during the early evening of 18 March, he was at home in Kingshill when his mother, Mary Green, called 999 after a burning smell started to come from the microwave in the kitchen.

Group Manager Kathy Collis said: “Our Control operator said to evacuate the house, so she called up to Javier to get out of the house as she thought there could be a fire. Javier remembered what Debbie had told him to do and he checked the back of his bedroom door with the back of his hand to see if the door was hot, then he went downstairs and led his mum to safety.

"He remembers that he was still in his socks and didn’t take his iPod or anything from his bedroom with him, as Debbie had advised him to get out quickly and not to take things with him. His mum says that he helped her to calm down as she was panicking and that she was very impressed that he knew what to do until the fire engine arrived.”

GM Collis and Mrs Lowe presented Javier with his certificate in front of his class. Signed by Chief Fire Officer Simon Routh-Jones, the certificate is 'for showing bravery and level-headedness’.