Grandmother Glenys Kyte is hunting for her long lost sister after being told by a medium the sibling she has never met was looking for her.

Mrs Kyte, 67, of Elizabeth House, Devizes, only found out that she had a sister when she was about 12 years old.

She said: “It was Christmas day and I was going on at my mum about wanting a sister as we were doing the washing up.

“I think she got fed up with me and just blurted out that I had a sister already. But she wouldn’t tell me much about what had happened.”

Mrs Kyte found out from other relatives that the sister her mother had named Suzanne had been born in Bradford on Avon in June 1948 and put up for adoption.

She later found out that the sister had been given the new name of Marilyn Cole by her adoptive parents and she had lived in Marlborough when she was a girl.

Mrs Kyte said: “I have often thought about Suzanne and wanted to find her. My mum Eileen Clark died when she was only 42 and never had a chance to find her. I think that was something she always regretted.

“Two weeks ago I went with my daughter to see a medium. At the time it was not something I believed in but Janine persuaded me to go. She told me things about my mother that it was impossible for her to know.

“She also didn’t know I had a sister but she told me she was looking for me.

“Now I have to find her. We were both illegitimate and at the time it would have been very difficult for my mother.

“She said she chose to keep me as I was already a year old.”

Mrs Kyte has appealed for information on Facebook and has emailed one Marilyn Cole whose details she found via the internet.

She is also upset that she did not follow up a message on Friends Re-United that she saw a number of years ago. She said: “There was someone called Marilyn Cole asking about a Glenys Clark but at the time I had a lot of things going on and I never really connected it with me. When I went back to look later the post wasn’t there any more.”

She has now contacted the television show Long Lost Relatives hosted by Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell in the hope they might help.

Mrs Kyte’s mother was living in Oxford when Glenys was born and she was sent to live with relatives in Devizes. Her mother joined her at her great grandad’s home in Orange Grove, Devizes when she was a year old.

Suzanne was born soon afterwards.

Her mother went on to marry Reginald Harris in 1951 and he adopted Glenys.

The couple then had two sons and they lived most of their lives in Kingsley Gardens, Devizes.

Mrs Kyte, who has two daughters and ten grandchildren, said: “I just hope that one day we can meet up.

“I don’t know if she will look like me or maybe like my mother.”

Anyone with information should contact Mrs Kyte on (01380) 727408 or email her on