A PROTEST against plans to transfer burnt waste from the Averies Recycling blaze to the former Groundwell park and ride is taking place later today.

Concerned residents will be meeting outside the council-owned site at 5pm. Some of the non-hazardous waste from the Marshgate site is being moved to allow firefighters to deal with the fire faster.

The blaze has been going since July 21.

Firefighters are working with Averies, Swindon Council, NHS England, Wiltshire Police and the Environment Agency to deal with the incident.

Yesterday, it was announced that the authorities planned to move around half of the extinguished waste from Averies to the park and ride site.

Coun Mark Dempsey, (Lab, Walcot and Park North), said: “I’m really worried about the use of the park and ride site for the disposal of this waste. It is not designed or licensed for the storage of waste and I think it could cause problems for the surrounding community.

“I think the authorities should be looking to use a specialised site.”

As the park and ride compound is covered by trees, the authorities claim that the waste will be out of sight. All of the burnt waste will be fully extinguished and checked before being taken to the site. It will also be covered over to reduce any adverse smells.

In addition to the high perimeter fencing at the compound there will also be 24 hour security.

Once the Marshgate fire is put out the authorities aim to return the waste to Averies as soon as possible.

Anyone concerned about inhaling smoke should call NHS 111. Those wishing to report an environmental issue can call the Environment Agency on 0800 807060.