BROTHERS will wrestle with mud, climb army-style, jump over and dodge obstacles in memory of their aunt, whose determination to eradicate cancer was an inspiration to all.

Dan and Matt Cook, along with friend Dan Vaughan, will join fellow challengers at the Tough Mudder in Cirencester on August 16 in a bid to raise £1,000 for Prospect Hospice, where their aunt Sharon Blackmore spent her last days, two years ago. She was 50 years old.

Dan Cook, 22, of Wroughton, said: “Two years ago, on August 15, my aunt passed away in the hospice. It was far too soon.

“ She had had breast cancer and when she was about to be given the all clear, after five years, she found out it had spread to her bowel and stomach.

“My cousins, her daughters Naomi and Ella, and my mother Lisa were by her bedside the moment she passed.

“Although it was a very difficult time for all family and friends losing such an inspirational figure, the point still remains that we all would not have chose anywhere else for Sharon’s last moments.”

The Wiltshire Police employee added: “It is an incredible place for people to spend their last moments of their life. The staff are so friendly and understanding. They allowed my mother, Naomi and Ella, to stay overnight with Sharon. We could not be more thankful for all that the Prospect Hospice has done.”

Remembering his aunt’s activism, Matt, 24, also from Wroughton, said: “She was a big campaigner for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. She was awesome. We are going to try to be as focused as possible and remember the reason we are doing it on the day.”

Limited training may prove an issue as the trio only signed up to the challenge at the end of May, but what they lack in running abilities they will make up in determination.

“There is a mud mile up and down trenches, crawling under electric fences and I’ve seen videos of people falling to the ground because of the electric shock,” he said. “So we will see how it goes on the day.

“But we will be helping each other. They make you say at the start that you won’t turn your back on anyone. You have to help people over the wall and everybody is helping each other to the finish line.”

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