The 92 Corsham men who died in the First World War were honoured by the town’s current military contingent on Sunday.

Representatives from MoD Corsham joined community figures at St Bartholomew’s Church for the rededication of the church’s refurbished memorial.

The service was led by the Rev Alice Kemp, an affiliated chaplain with the local MoD.

Church warden John Stott said: “Some of the names had become very eroded, so they were in danger of becoming illegible and lost but with a grant from the area board we were able to have it restored by artist Celia James.

“It was a very moving service, and included the air commodore from the MoD with representatives from the church and the community.

“There was also a talk about the mobilisation of the local yeomanry, and someone from the Corsham Commem-orates project spoke on how the community is commemorating the First World War, including a re-enactment of a recruiting office and field hospital at the town hall.”