Pupils representing The Mead, West Ashton, Walwayne Court and Holbrook primary are celebrating the conclusion of a Heritage Lottery funded project called the World of Work.

The project, which has been running since January, encouraged the children to look at the global connections of Trowbridge industries and the communities who have arrived in the town for work or other reasons.

Co-ordinated by Wiltshire Global Education Centre, the project has seen the children take part in interactive workshops and trace the industrial timeline of the town.

They have also met with members of the Moroccan, Polish and Jamaican communities and linked up with local industries such as Cereal Partners and HJ Knee to gain an insight into what they do.

Project co-ordinator Caroline Harmer, manager of Wiltshire Global Education Centre, said: “We’ve been delighted with the work done by the schools and the children really got a feel for what it is like for someone to give up everything to come live in a new country.

“The project was a way of teaching them about community cohesion and showing them that people have always moved around the world for work, which will help foster a positive attitude towards migration.

“It was only when they did their presentations that we realised how far they had come in understanding the reasons why people move around the world and what we gain by living in multi-ethnic communities such as Trowbridge.

“We would like to thank the teachers for the hard work that they have put into it, the children for their enthusiasm and all our school visitors who have done so much to make this project a success.”

During the final event at The Mead, the children presented what they had learnt and took part in some fun activities, such as how to say welcome in Trowbridge’s ten most used languages.