The Trott household was celebrating this morning after collecting 12 A grades at AS-level.

Triplets Zoe, Sophie and Alice all opened their envelopes at the same time at Sheldon School in Chippenham.

The 17-year-old girls, who live in Yatton Keynell, all studied chemistry, biology and maths and all three achieved four A grades.

“It’s quite nice because you share it together and then it’s all over with,” said Zoe.

The sisters were relieved to see all came up trumps and said if some had done better than others, they might have had to stay out of their way for a while.

Mum Kate, 48, and dad Rob, 52, were bursting with pride at their daughters’ success.

Mrs Trott said: “They worked very hard for it. It’s been very quiet in the house, we’ve been tiptoeing around.

“They like similar things but they all go about it differently. They all had different areas of the house to work in.”

The triplets said they will be going their separate ways next year when they hope to go to university.