Adventurer Fred Dodson has set off on a bicycle made from bamboo and hopes to reach Burma in an unusual charity fundraiser.

Mr Dodson, 24, from Chittoe, near Bromham, is raising money for Survival International to help indigenous tribes protect their way of life.

He said: “Have just left on a bikeride heading East. I´m not entirely sure where, or how long it will take me or my route, but I think it’s at least towards Burma.

“I have one map of Northern Spain, no speedo/odometer, and no watch. The bicycle is made out of bamboo, and no I don’t know if it will last.”

He set up a website and donation page at wooway and says he may write a blog as he travels.

He said: “I am trying to raise as much money as possible for Survival Internationalto help tribes to protect their lands and determine their own futures. I hope people will find out about this cause and donate a few quid.”

Mr Dodson who was a pupil at St Joseph’s in Devizes before moving to Marlborough College studied psychology at Leeds University.

His father Matthew Dodson said: “He saved up money for the trip by working in Stiles Butchers in Bromham. I am not sure how prepared he is for the journey. He even managed to leave his passport behind to begin with.”

Mr Dodson is one of five children and both his father and mother Fiona are a little worried about him embarking on such a long journey without much preparation.

Mr Dodson said: “I think he is just hoping for the best. We are hoping he will stay in touch by email but are not sure he took his phone charger with him.”